Tuesday, October 27, 2009

High Country Brooks…signs of winter

This is a somewhat late and quick update as the fish and pictures aren’t enough to milk into a long drawn out post. But there is enough quality information to make a short blurb useful. So many of my trips go un-posted.

The fishing trips are starting to require more fortitude as we roll into colder weather. Even after we did the homework and picked a “good” weather day, we still faced colder temps and harsher conditions than forecasted.

(Most of the fish were tiny. This was my largest on the day. Just to get my money’s worth from the POS Kodak…I drug it along on this trip and darn near $%^&* up every shot with it. 2010 will require some equipment upgrades.)

Another mentionable note is the snow encountered. During the previous drought cycle snow was not a concern until we reach late November. This year we seem to be falling back into the traditional weather cycle and the high country is getting more snow and it’s sticking pretty well in spots. Instead of looking at the forecasted high temperatures anglers need to be more concerned with the forecasted low temps on the day you are fishing and dress for that especially if you are hitting the spot early in the morning.

(Above: Here is a trail section covered with snow. Puddles are forming ice and it won’t be long before ice fishing starts. One side was snow covered and about 30 degrees in air temperature. A stark contrast to the other side.)

Fishing all year round in Colorado requires the ability to transition through seasons and weather conditions. Fishing in the cold season requires a lot of fortitude. I do not control the weather so rather than loathe and complain about the cold season…I simply find ways to fish through it.

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.

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