Friday, October 9, 2009

Photos from the field

There is a never ending sense of adventure that compels me forever onward. So many places that I have not yet gone and so many adventures that are never posted. These pictures are a smattering of snapshots from my humble attempts to live as adventurous life outdoors as possible in this modern and often crazy world.

(Above: “Hesperis Fritillary” I could not find the common name for this butterfly. This was an amazing shot taken from the Waterton trip. The picture was put into the video montage but not the post itself. This was one shot worth taking the time for.)

(Above: This dragonfly hitched a ride with me while belly boating. The dual wing setup looks crazy cool close up.)

(Above: Pair of hooded mergansers taken with a little bit of zoom factor. These are some cool looking ducks that are a bit timid towards humans. I rarely get a chance to get a close shot so some zoom factor had to be utilized.)

(Above: Wild turkeys are something that I rarely see in the wild let alone photograph. I was very fortunate to get a shot of this group.)

(Above: Making some waters AFLO/C&R virtually guarantees quality fishing in these lakes, ponds and river sections. Following and enforcing these additional regulations in designated locations is a huge step towards better fishing in Colorado. Bait and take management will always be a mainstay of Colorado but there should be more emphasis to save more waters through AFLO/C&R…my two cents.)

(Above: This is the flip side of the coin. Do they really think they are stopping anyone here with a sign and a piece of wire? The trail to the lake is practically worn to the dirt. Enforcement varies greatly per area and body of water. Quality will also vary depending on said enforcement.)

Why can’t they make more signs like this? (see below)

There has to be a stronger message of respect towards public water. The wads of fishing line, empty beer bottles and cans is not only damaging to wildlife but also disgusting to look at. The usual “have a nice day” approach isn’t working anymore.

(Above: Photos like this are the reason I created this additional aspect of my posting material. Some pictures are so great that they can even overshadow the fishing shots. Nature is incredibly magical. My photos can only hope to capture a fraction of this glorious beauty.)

(Above: Ralston Rainbow. Ralston Creek may be the smallest water that I have fished in Colorado. The slip of water nearly dried up completely a few years back and at the highest flow only a foot or two across. The water is inches deep. Catching this fish is still a highlight of my 2009 season…so many trips that don’t make it to my blog.)

(Above: This is a fish with an identity crisis? I think it is actually trying its best to be a smallmouth. Come to think about it…this little guy fought pretty tough for a panfish.)

(Above: “Tree Skull”. I believe this to be a deer skull that someone has hunk up in a tree near his or her campsite. I am not sure if this was meant to be an omen or a welcome of sorts. It was a good reminder to watch my step and be careful. “Don’t want to end up like this poor fellow…no sir.”) I hope you have enjoyed this segment “Photos from the field”.

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