Sunday, October 4, 2009

Best of species…Chub !?! WTF?

A lot of anglers track their “best of species” in regards to sport fish. This is a good way to track your best catches as well as motivate yourself to do better. But what about those species that are not so well acclaimed? Do we track those as well? Where is the Master Angler Award for Creek Chub?

This may be the craziest looking fish in the region. It has a lipped mouth a bit like a sunfish or even bass and a body like a trout. Honestly this fish looks like a carp raped a trout. The Creek Chub is considered a native fish and common throughout most of North America. Honestly I had no idea this species even existed until two or three years ago.

(Above: Creek Chub, this picture does not do this fish justice…what am I saying? It’s a @##$%^& Creek Chub!)

The website below shows the Creek Chub along with several other minnow and chub species. These fish are not the most glamorous but this time of year conditions fall into place that allow me to hammer a handful of these guys in just a few minutes.

Colorado has so many different fish species that it may just take me a lifetime to catch all of them. I feel very blessed to be in an environment that provides endless opportunity in regards to fishing…even Creek Chubs!

Good luck and good fishing.

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