Monday, August 6, 2012

Best Bucket of 2012…almost didn’t post this

Running the jig along the bottom with small hops that go thump, thump, thump under the water and feel something on the end of the line. Set the hook on what seemed to be a sizeable rock or maybe a heavy log. Before my brain starts to lament the snagging of my hook the line runs off to the north and the rod tip folds over.

“What…Fish?” is sort of what I recall saying as my hand does a quick double check on the drag and then loosens it up a little more whole holding my breath.

Many times the big fish doesn’t bite or I lose the fish when it finally does hit from out of nowhere. So many mistakes. So many haunting nightmares. But just like that old rule about sun shining on a dog’s butt once in a while, this Mattsabasser might put the landing on a big fish. As this brute bucket fin slapper spun the boat around I sat patiently on the drag playing the energy straining resistance game. As soon as it made a run for the top I made my move. The reel handle was spun as fast as I could pulling the fish right to me. Kneeling down on the wooden deck of my tooner it wasn’t long before the white-green flash could be seen moving towards the boat. Before the fish could break the surface my hand was under the water to great it. Never saw it coming.

This particular fish may round out the bottom of my all time Colorado bassin’ top ten list. No weight, no tape and that is just how I like it. Length would have been ok I guess but that eats up “time out of water” for the fish. Weight? That would have just disappointed me as this fish would have registered around four pounds and an utter disappointment. For shameless bragging purposes it might be better to say “I dunno” and let a few folks think it may go as high as five or six pounds. If tourney money was involved or the fish was closer to the top of my all time list then maybe those stats might be important. I just want to fish and the fish isn’t any better off by knowing how long it is or hearing how much it weighs. Best way to make this fish bigger is to get ‘er back quick. 

The shot was taken by Don who should get way more credit for a large number of my fish photos over the years. Minus one point for the extra forward hold on my part but really I can’t help myself most of the time. I am also borrowing the title from a previous brown trout post that tops my Most Popular Post section. Honestly I never know which post will become more popular than the next to viewers of this crazy ol fishing blog.

Oh and before ending this post I might suggest that running fishing lures in the bathtub with your head under the water is a clear sign of fishaholicism. However this has greatly improved my jig game.

My name is Matt and I finally catch a no Ho Hum fish!


Brookfield Angler said...

Holy pig!

bluecollarguy said...

Beauty of a fish!

Now if you're really testing lures in the bathtub with your head under water you might have a problem-my wife thinks i do just by tossing them in the sink and check bouyancy once in a blue moon!