Monday, November 9, 2009

Battle Catfish…the montage

The blog updates are much easier to put together than the video montages. Hence why you typically get updates when they happen and the video montage comes out later. The catfish battle was a great day and the footage was pretty amazing. It took me a while to edit and put it all together. Hopefully it was worth the wait.

One of the main factors in catching these brutes on this fall day in my opinion was water temperature. The lake was cooling and when I ran the fish finder it clearly indicated one side of the lake was warmer than the other. The warmer water was where I pulled the brutes.

My fish finder did not pick up a single fish by the way and the sensitivity was set at 9. It did however pick up “blobs” off of the bottom. As water temps drop, fish metabolisms slow. I would target these sonar anomalies as if they were “hibernating” fish. Nothing to lose really. This radar shot is very similar to where I pulled the first catfish. The catfish would sound off the fish alarm when it was running so I know the unit was working properly.

The other factor was the pork trailer and scent spray. You can use rotten chicken guts if you want too. Me? Well I was just going with some run of the mill pork trailer. For added measure I tossed on a dose of fish attractant spray. Far cleaner setup than a bag of whoknowswhat. The link below is not the exact product but close enough. Note: I do not use this on AFLO water as I believe it to be organic material and classified as “bait”. Even though some tournament anglers will disagree. It is just my nit-picky disclaimer of where I personally define the stuff. Use your own judgment. I can say it works for catfish sometimes.

Lastly, I fished slow. It was kinda grueling. I had to tell myself that this was a relaxing day on the pontooner and we wouldn’t catch anything. Work has been kicking my butt seriously and just getting out would be good. The whole reason for going for catfish in the first place was just to check it off my 2009 list of “Fishing things to do”.

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.

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