Monday, November 2, 2009

The new MAD Show Intro

One of the things on my “to do list” this year was a re-vamp on the MAD Fishing Show. The original intro was pretty lame in regards to the half-assed picture with “Matt and Don”. The only thing I really liked was the lake shot that I ran the text over. But hey, no one pays me to crank out this crap so I guess I just got lazy.

When I did finally get around to redoing the material it came out with some mixed results in regards to my enormous focus group that ranges from two or three co-workers. What do you fawlkenz bloggers think? Remember, this is just the intro. More full-length movies will be in the works.

I did a little tweak on the logo and then reworked the image slides. It is basically the same material as before. The picture at the end and a few other elements may or may not work for the overall storyline but you get the idea. If you like or dislike the intro…select the proper rating box at the bottom of this post.

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