Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tracking of the “Muck Monster”

Have any of you been following this story out of Palm Beach? Apparently this “muck monster” has been sighted a number of times and now even videotaped.

Authorities are trying to pass this thing off as a manatee. I think it resembles an eel of some sort. Probably a Moray Eel or a ray maybe? This is only one of many sightings that occur in the southern coastal regions of the United States and with so many different species of varying size I am amazed there isn’t more of these sightings.

Hopefully this creature will be captured and found out to be an invasive species or just a wandering ray. Stuff like this amazes me and even when they do identify this as a wandering salt water eel or snake of some sorts, I will still tell my kids and grandkids grand tales of the elusive muck monster.

“…It was 40 feet long I tell you. It would prowl the shallows for little children, their pets and Pokemon toys…Fearless, with no legs but a hundred razor sharp teeth and two little black beady eyes…That is why we will never vacation in Palm Beach, children. This year we are going to the Gunnison…”

Here are a few links that I will toss out that give more background on this particular sighting.

I looked for more stories, sightings and video but was unable to dig up anything more than just re-hashes of the original story. Hopefully a capture of this creature makes the AP wire where I would get some closure. And that is the problem with these types of stories. They are quick to flood you with the hype but if the story fades in popularity they don’t bother with the follow up. If it turns out to be someone’s fish the blurb might only make it to the local news.

Here is a link below with a similar story. He has even gone so far as to set up cameras around a nearby canal where he has seen some type of large water creature described as “sea serpent”. The article mentions Russ Sittlow has captured some footage but nothing has been released to the public as of yet or at least that I could find.

This one may be even bigger than the specimen in Palm Beach…or he may be trying to piggyback on the P.B. Muck Monster hype. Seeing is believing for me so hopefully Russ has more than just fuzzy pictures of waves or something.

For the record I won’t try to prove or disprove any existence of sea creatures that I haven’t personally caught. It may however put places like Palm Beach on my fishing “scout list”.

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.

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