Sunday, November 1, 2009

Snow bass

The elusive snow bass can be tough to track and even more difficult to catch. For some silly reason I love to fish in tough conditions. This was another one of those days were you get blizzard conditions and the water temp is still flirting near 60 degrees. Prime weather for snow bass.

(Above: Snow bass – Note: my fingers are not in the gills but rather tucked underneath. But exposing the gills to cold air is poor form.)

Poor handling note: Fingers in the gills to fish are like poking a hole in your lungs. Even when the fish swims away it could suffer some serious affects of the damage. Freezing air on the gills of fish can do just as much damage.

Fish handling is something I try to improve on as much as fishing skill and want to stress highly that the open gills shows “poor form” for snow bass. Only grabbed one shot and then a release. Next time I will do a much better job on the hold. I tend to be a critic of fish handling at times especially my own. Hopefully this poor example will serve to educate others.

Good Luck and Good Fishing

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