Thursday, November 5, 2009

November Bows on a change up bait

Gorgeous rainbow caught this weekend using a weightless grub setup and drift fishing. Not much to say but what a beautiful fish. This is the same location that was infested with leaches during the summer. Zero leaches on this fish lead me to believe that the past occurrence was merely a seasonal problem.

(Above: I am literally holding my breath for this shot praying the fish does not flip out of my hands. One photo and release.)

Plastics for trout have been an experiment of mine but for some reason all the tricks in the bag were coming up with nothing. I was getting a few bites here and there but nothing was triggering the hard strikes. Then I downsized to the grub and harder hits followed. No big deal right? Well this is a lake that I swore to have dialed in a sure-fire money pattern. But on this day the money pattern was a no-go. The whole day could have been a skunker if I would have stuck with the bigger bait.

(Above: Illustration of the weightless grub setup showing how the 1/0 hook sits in a 3 or maybe 4 inch grub. I usually tuck the point of the hook back into the body of the grub for a more sleek profile as well as being a bit more weedless.)

Casting range is minimal but the weightless grub can offer a finesse presentation where big and bulky just isn’t getting it done. Go ahead and rig one of these up and watch grub’s swirling tail action in the water. It is downright hypnotic.

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.

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