Saturday, October 10, 2009

Walker Ranch-The Montage

The Walker Ranch trip was not intended for the video montage but decided to give it a whirl anyway. There was so much footage compiled that it would be a shame not to. Similar to the Waterton montage, Walker Ranch is a beautiful fishing experience that requires some additional effort. The fish are not big but very colorful. Enjoy.

This year has been a real challenge for the video montages. My camera purchases in 2009 were possibly the worst in digital camera choices that I have ever made. Don lost his camera on a previous trip and one of the cameras that I use for a backup was busted on a hiking excursion. The batteries, chargers and other accessories total over a grand and that doesn’t include the upgrades and replacements needed. This has definitely put a damper on the overall quality of my media releases and is literally killing my montages.

Rest assured that the kinks are going to get worked out and will hopefully be better than ever.

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