Sunday, October 11, 2009

Frosty Morning Run on Clear Creek

This recent cold snap has been a frosty awakening for most of us here in Colorado. Snow is falling in the high country. The morning air is turning crisp and bites at our exposed skin. The cold weather can put a serious dent in recreational traffic. In that regard frosty fall mornings can be the best time to fish.

(Above: This stretch is usually clogged with kayaks and quite a bit of traffic. On a frosty day like today it was virtually void of everyone but a few joggers.)

Work has kept me pretty busy and I have had to work the last few weekends. With only a few hours to spare I braved the frost to do a little creek fishing. The lack of pressure and kayaks really seemed to make a difference. Starting above the Washington Bridge section I caught a few dink browns.

“Well that is a start.” I said brushing off the skunk. “Better than a sharp stick in the eye.”

Then I move above the larger hole and cast into the white froth pouring into the deep blue water. As soon as a little spin was put on the lure pulling it up from the bottom BAM! I felt a solid tug. Normally I expect a little pull. This was a serious fish or at least a good deal better than I was hoping for. The fish was landed at shallow end of the pool, photo-op’ed and then released (no measure or weight taken).

(Above: I dare say that this is a 14-inch brown, a bit on the thin side possibly from spawn activity.)

Larger sized fish like this are not as common as I would like in Clear Creek. But even small water will surprise you at times. The summer traffic seems to make the bigger fish more wary so the colder season offers a chance for less pressured fish.

The bigger fish seemed to favor the base of the white water and closer to the bottom. Edges, flats, rocks and other areas came up empty. Water levels have dropped forcing fish to larger pools with more oxygen. At least that is what the fish seem to be telling me at the time.

Then I cast over to the edge with a deep current and undercut bank. The rod tip is lifted as the lure hits eliminating the slack. Steady retrieve on the reel. One crank, two cranks and wham! Another solid hit from a heavy fish. My heart starts racing as I see the silver and pink colors flashing in the water. A few surges in and out of the current and the fish is finally landed.

(Above: Wow! This is a glorious cutbow with a fat belly. Not bad for this slip of water.)

The brook blade pattern and silver\blue pattern attracted more attention than others that I tried. To be honest today wasn’t so much a day of aggressive fish as it was being able to pick off a few bigger trout. It was also a matter of getting out and fishing when the water was void of pressure.

My name is Matt and I’m fishaholic.

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