Monday, October 26, 2009

Monster Shark bites shark…still roams Australia waters

(This is nearly a 10-foot shark with a huge chunk taken out of it by a much larger shark. This “Monster Shark” is estimated at possibly 16 feet long and still prowling the waters near Queensland Australia. How @#$%^ amazing is this!?!)

A "MONSTER" great white shark up to 6m long is prowling a popular Queensland beach after biting another great white almost in half.

Swimmers were warned to stay out of the water off Stradbroke Island after the shark mauled another smaller great white which had been hooked on a baited drum line.

The 3m great white was almost bitten in half.

The fictional shark at the centre of the Steven Spielberg blockbuster Jaws was estimated to be more than 1.5m longer.

"It certainly opened up my eyes. I mean the shark that was caught is a substantial shark in itself," says Jeff Krause of Queensland Fisheries.

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Coloradocasters said...

It's summertime in Australia. I could be bass fishing if I was down there.