Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Catfish heard around the state. Guess I should start weighing these things.

So the rumble in the jungle or on the shorelines of Aurora Reservoir as it were contain rumors of a state record catfish being tossed around like Frisbees at the nearby college campus. I believe these rumors to be true. The CDOW seems to take it serious enough. Along with a few forum posts lately…we can consider this one “soon to be bonafide”.

Weight: 35.484lb

Length: 36.25in

My source of information is from the forums at and Pics from the angler and more details are listed there. I will not repost the pictures or the angler’s words without permission. Just seems fair. Heck of a catch and my hats off to the guy. When the official record is posted on an AP source I will post that information and hopefully make this more legit.

Some people went pretty ape#$%@ about this fish for some reason in a negative way. Many have said the fish should have been released or didn’t like the guy’s hat for some reason. You might be surprised at the level of competition, animosity and downright hatred when it comes to keeping record sized fish in Colorado. My thoughts toward this are simple; if everyone kept all of the big fish they caught there may not be any big fish left. But if you keep only one big fish in your life…make it a state record!

I personally know of three people (including myself) that have held possible state record fish and let them go with little fanfare other than some shameless bragging. This is a personal choice we all have to make ourselves as well as live with the choices that others make. The DNA Maximus theory may not be at play here as at this stage it is highly likely the fish is sterile depending on a lot of factors. These records (I believe) are kept at CSU so one of these days I should do some digging…maybe even more than just catfish.

Wait…didn’t we just do this?

It seems like the ink wasn’t even dry on the previous record before the new one is written in and I was bloggin’ about that fish. The 9News article is still up and running with the previous record breaker. What the heck are the cats eating in Aurora Res.?

Now I do catch a catfish or two myself even though I rarely target them for some reason. Last year I got into a few that make me wonder…”Why don’t I weigh more fish?” Not record breakers but pretty close. The video is a must see for new followers outside of the two or three regular readers that I constantly brag about.

At some point in my life I may or may not post a state record fish. It would disappoint me a little if I got a ton of backlash for it. I’ve come really close a few times and looked into the fish’s eyes and said “You gotta go back buddy. Tack on a few pounds and we will blow that record out of the water!…someday…maybe…who knows.”

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.


Jack said...

Matt - I love your stuff!


Coloradocasters said...

Thanks, TexMexJack! I bust my @## on this blog. Positive comments help balance out the "negative nellies". Thanks again!