Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Record catfish caught recently at Aurora

Most of the hard core forum cruisers have already heard the buzz about the state record catfish caught out of Aurora a few weeks back. 9News and other sources are now following this catch up with some pictures, facts and the inside story. It isn’t often that I take time to share the exploits of other anglers but if you break the state record for something in this state…you probably will get an unauthorized mention on my bloginess. For the handful of anglers that might not have heard of this killer cat catch…I will submit a blurb and link to the whole story.

Link to full article with photo:


Catfish are a species I rarely target and pick them up more by accident than anything else. But some anglers in Colorado prize this species for its enormous size and meat that has quite a different texture than most Colorado table fish. Catfish can get up to 60 pounds or more in Colorado according to some biologists. Bigger catfish have been caught in Colorado but those fish have not been properly certified. Kudos to Mr. Stone.

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