Thursday, August 27, 2009

Forbes names Glenwood Springs Top 10 fishing destination

Glenwood Springs is an area loaded with great fishing. The distance from Denver helps ensure that only the more appreciative sportsman that are willing to drive a bit to fish the best spots will be here. Locals often view this area as a slice of heaven and cherish their somewhat remote mountain liefstyle immensely.

"With all its beauty, and close proximity to some of the most popular trout rivers in the nation, and arguably the world, the rural western Colorado town made the top 10 trout fishing towns published by article lists the Roaring Fork, the Frying Pan, Colorado and Crystal Rivers as the reasons for Glenwood being among first-class trout fishing destinations such as Missoula, Mont. and Mountain Home, Ark.One reason given for consideration was that the fishing is open to the public and is easy to access."

Forbes may not be the "go to" source on fishing destinations but I always feel proud when the state gets some sort of accolade right up there with places like Montana and Washington. Hopefully the exposure (it could be massive) can bring in some extra tourism dollars without significant pressure. (Link to full article below)

Good luck and good fishing.

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