Monday, August 10, 2009

Half Day Fish Fest (Part One)


The week rolled through and priorities stacked up. It seems like every time I think there is a free weekend coming up my hopes and dreams for the “all out two day fishing rampage” falls apart. Friday rolls around and I’m left with half of Saturday to fish. Scrap the previous plans and come up with a short range Plan B.

(Above: Sunrise shot after entering the water and flipping around for an hour or so in the tuber.)

Another Day on the Water" (Half Day Fish Fest (Part One)

Pre-Morning start:

I had not been to this lake yet in 2009. It was my number one spot once upon a time but now fallen completely off my top ten due to pressure. That is how quickly urban fisheries can drop in fishing quality once the word gets out. Just the way it goes. Due to past pressure and exploitation we decided to hit the water so early that it infringed on the legalities in regards to the sunrise/sunset regulation. We arrived at 4:30 AM, geared up and technically were on the property under the cover of darkness. We reach the lake and port in just as daylight peaked its head over the eastern horizon.

The water was heavily stained. I could barely see my fins underneath me when I flipped myself around the lake. Carp were launching like crazy. It felt like trying to fish in the middle of a bombing run. Sploosh! Another 5 to 10 pound carp would splash onto the surface after a tremendous leap from the water. A few of these bomb droppers would hit very close. I was nearly hit with the splash a few times.

“If one of these hits me…I could get knocked out cold!” I laughed and threw the lure over the cattails.

Wham! My rod doubled over with a big fish that had virtually set the hook on itself. The battle was on. I couldn’t see the structure through the stained water but knew this lake was loaded with submerged trees. The rod tip was raised and I did my best to lift the fish over anything that could possibly be there. Once I got the fish in deeper water it was much easier to let my drag take some of the pressure off the line. A few bursts of energy and then the grab.

(Above: This is my "Good Morning" bucket. Action was slow slow slow...good thing this guy didn't decide to sleep in.)

The lure was a 6” black senko with blue flake. (The 6” is harder to find sometimes and I usually have to order them in the colors I want just to save the hassle). When the water is stained like this I try to throw my darkest lures. With so much wood structure that I could not see, the senko was a perfect choice. I threw a variety of lures switching through three rods throughout the morning. This was the only thing that got bites.

Stained water is not my favorite water to fish. I am at a huge disadvantage when I cannot see the structure under the water’s surface or even have a chance to locate the baitfish. Carp bombing the water every 5 minutes wasn’t helping either. If a bass did roll on the surface exposing its location, I would have merely brushed it off as another carp. After a few hours of stained water torture…the decision to port out and roll onto other water was sound. Maybe this place will bounce back some day.

To be continued on Part Two

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