Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Slinging in the rain

Backdated report 6-12-2010- nearly caught up folks.

(Above: Rainy day bucket. Not too shabby. Maybe one of my bigger fish of the year? I $%^& love fishing!)

We finally get a few days of summer-like weather and then the high-pressure system drops out. Clouds move in and temperatures fall twenty almost thirty degrees. Friday is met with hail and rain. Saturday is a cold constant drizzle. Early morning gear up was less than comfortable in the 5AM\48-degree weather and I was worried if the fishing action would be knocked down as well.

The water was still holding around 65 degrees and warm compared to air around me. The hands started to chill and flashbacks of February and early in the year ran through my mind. The rule of thumb is that cold weather snaps like this can seriously shut the action down. Today that was not the case. The buckets seemed more than willing to hammer the gear. Transitioning through several rods I was able to pick up a few quality buckets in the +18-inch slot and a number of fish just below that. Deeper structure points, bases of the steep incline and coves with adequate depth seemed to be key areas.

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.


Bill said...

Nice! I kind of like fishing in the rain.

Coloradocasters said...

Truth be told, Bill…complaining about weather is a bit of an art form for me these days for some reason. One day I had absolutely perfect weather but wasn’t getting any bites. I looked at my fishing buddy and said, “The weather is too #$%^& nice!!!”

This would have been a perfect day if my fingers had worked longer. The fish were hitting heavy! Note to self: Update the rain gear and actually bring it this time.

butchadams said...

thanks for the compliments about my photos Matt. i sort have lost interest or really the time to do the blog but maybe once a month. i am trying to get a website going and need to focus on that for now. glad to have a colorado friend and i will be checking your posts often. thanks Butch