Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vaughn’s First Catch

In many circles I am known as “that guy who fishes a lot” and friends, co-workers and even neighbors will take the time to share photos of their catches with me. It brings me great joy to see others enjoy and appreciate the sport of fishing. It is even better when these fish catches come from children, as they are the future of the sport.

(Above: Vaughn sporting his first catch, trophy bluegill, with pride and was insistent on releasing the fish himself. Soon he will be rigging spinnerbaits for big ol bass. This kid has got the stuff!)

This picture was sent to me by a co-worker in Missouri. His nephew caught and released his first fish over the weekend and is still smiling ear to ear. Every time Vaughn sees Uncle Mike he asks, “When are we going fishing?”

Way to go Vaughn. I wish you many fish catches in your future.

This is a good solid brick in the foundation of Vaughn’s life in many positive ways. Eventually the reigns of water recreation and management will be handed down to future generations. Fishing is just one healthy activity for youngsters away from the video games and other elements that may be less desired or even unhealthy for that matter. Got a nephew, niece or youngster in your life? Take them fishing this summer…oh and don’t forget to take pictures.

Good luck and good fishing!


Wandering Owl said...

It is great to see this kind of stuff! It needs to saturate the internet so other kids may see it and take an interest!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Owl, this is good stuff and good to see. My lil' man just recently caught his very first fish and that was all it took. He's hooked and it's not on the TV!

Looks good over here. I'll be back!