Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Still Fishing – Early Season Highlights 2010

This has been a tough year. How I have managed to catch any fish at all in 2010 is surprising. But in between blizzards there were a few decent moments captured on either picture or video format. These moments have been compiled into a video montage of sorts and submitted for your viewing.

The highlight montages are easier for me to put together compared to the day\location specific episodes. With more time (more money wouldn’t hurt either) I could really crank this stuff out. Hope you enjoy the material that is posted on my blog and youtube page.

Good luck and good fishing.


Anonymous said...

OK, that was great, I particularly liked the snake fight! Great underwater shots of the releases, Matt. I can only imagine how hard that is to set up. TJ

Bigerrfish said...

Well done!!!

Jack said...

Loved it! Keep it up

T said...

That was pretty awesome dude. I liked the snake strike.