Saturday, June 5, 2010

Decent pike rounding out my Two for Tuesday

(Above: Another photo lead in. Colorado offers a fantastic diversity of fishing and the majority of my fishing is done right here in the metro area.)

This is the second part of the day where I caught the big fatty bucket on the previous post. After I had typed so much about the bass there wasn’t much room to cover anything about the rest of the day. I will go ahead and tack on a second part here for more closure.

The action started out dismal and bites were extremely hard to come by. No one else was catching fish either on the calm, flat water, which was starting to rattle my conscious more and more. After picking a few spots and search casting methodically with no love I decided to switch up to some run and gun tactics. Most of the good sections and casting spots were locked up by 7AM so I had to poke here and there on whatever water was available. Throwing my consistent baits for this place over and over with no results.

By afternoon the wind was picking up and I had scoured nearly ¾ of the lake. On my way back I picked up the bass. Now I had walked back to the dam and noticed an empty spot in the large sandy beach area dotted with heavy stump structure. Give a cast out and Wham! I feel he heavy bite on the jig combo. Then the surging force kicks in sending the drag on my reel screaming.

“Oh that is sweet!”

Land the fish and get in the shameless photo op.

Video of the Tuesday Pike

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.


Anonymous said...

Matt, you got it going on my friend! Nice Pike. I don't guess I have to encourage you to go fishing or have happy hook ups since that seems to be fairly consistent with you.

Bill said...

Nice fish! Surprise catches can be fun.