Thursday, May 7, 2009

Plan V

Plan B’s are always good but on this trip I had planned on some Sunday pond fishing as a "Plan V". These ponds are about 20 or 30 minutes back towards the interstate. This place is a three-pond oasis of warm water fishing. Even with a somewhat late start, I found some decent crappie and a few decent bass.

(Above: crappie with amazing color. This one had a really cool green tint to the body)

These ponds are “fair” for bass and have some viable crappie. But what this place lacks from the public that visit here is respect. The majority of anglers were very respectful. They picked their spot and fished with whatever they had however they wanted and then left. They didn’t leave trash, they didn’t leave fishing line or bait cans or beer bottles on the shoreline. But man o man are there tons of this beer bottles, fishing line and what not all over this place. And they just cleaned it!!! (DOW, and countless other anglers. There was a guy I saw just walking and picking up trash.)

The other ponds will get more attention with more time. The crappie kind of consumed my focus. I wasn’t geared precisely for crappie. I had to modify my bass presentations and it was hit or miss. With just some smaller grubs I could have rocked the place. Rather than waste the half day fishing for crappie, some bass scouting was in order. There were two solid hits and two bass in the 14’er range. One of the fish looked like he could have wrestled with a pelican or cormorant.

(Above: Really bad pic of the rough and tough bass. The lens shutter didn’t open all the way for some reason. How many times have I said that I was going to junk this thing?)

With all trips out of my normal 20 or 30-mile radius, the main goal is to get there and back in one piece. I caught some fish and that is

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