Thursday, May 7, 2009

Canon City Weekend-BH and the ARK

(Above: Early morning gear up. Notice there is no motor or battery. Yep. I can row 24/7 Hoorah!)

Rolling onto the lake in the morning at 6AM we faced the cold front head on. The winds were gusting off and on. That is better than pure gusting! We fished for about three hours. Hit a few areas and tried to spot or scan fish. It was pretty dismal. Couldn’t get into a rhythm with anything that was tied on and struggled to find “just the thing” in my tackle box when I needed it. I planned on throwing spoons the whole time yet my box-o-spoons never made it with me to the lake.

Rain flirted with us the whole time. Not the heavy downpour type but rather off and on drizzle with heavier clouds moving in closer. By 8:30 we were pulling out and switching over to the river. It was a transition that I did not want to make. But after 3 hours of nothing but cold…there was nothing to debate with. The lake scene was over as we knew we would catch fish on the river.

And that is exactly what we did. Starting a few miles past town, we started picking holes and leapfrogging other anglers. I hate people that crowd so we refused to take part in anything that remotely looked like crowding. With such a long stretch to fish…we didn’t have too.

(Above: Decent Ark brown trout. Didn’t find any bows)

Gold and red was the pattern of the day. I brought the fly rod but the weather was so rough that I wasn’t going to battle the nymph and drift all day. Spinning for trout is a super active way to fish. It’s one of my favorite ways to fish right there with bassin’ on a buzzbait. Action was somewhat steady…not hot and the angling pressure was there in force so you had drive by a lot of water. But there was enough action to salvage the day. Catching beats skunking in my book.

My tips for hitting this area are few and simple. The first rule is to prepare for weather of some sort. If you add in the plan B or mix the trip up with a little of both worlds it can add a lot more to the trip. My next tip is the Holiday Inn Express right off of Hwy 50 as you roll into town. This place has a ton of hotels and many of them will be very “rustic”. This place is a good deal for the price and location.

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