Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pond Hopping 5-9-2009 (Early Morning Belly Boat Action)

Epilogue: The gameplan for Saturday was to throw all of the gear into the truck and fish until I dropped. The weather forecast once again went to crap on me. The entire week could be bliss weather-wise but the weekend is always going to be wrecked with cold fronts and even blizzards.

Chapter One: Early Morning Belly Boat action 5/9

4AM wake up and roll out. Drive to the meet spot, unpack the BB’s and hit the water. While unpacking the belly boats I notice the apron and cross bar had not made it into the truck. “Sonofa!!” I exclaimed with my mind scrambling for a solution. “I’ll make it work.” Basically I took a stick and propped it in the support holes. Then took my buddies bungee cord and tied the seat strap with that. “Done!” Fished the early morning with no problems.

(I wanted to do my “most mean muggin” shot ever on this one. Finally getting into some better fish. Notice the stick? Never S.O.L.)

The water is a bit mossy and the action was far slower than I expected. I rotated through three rods, all with different setups. The jig combo was what got the love. Best fish of the day.

This post brought to you by…”Stick!!!”

Action wasn’t enough to keep us there. Better water to be had elsewhere. We rolled off to the next spot and saw too many cars. If you can’t park…it’s time to fish somewhere else! “Scratch this place for the day.” We both said rolling onto another place.

To be continued:

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