Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Morning Cast 5-14

The first few weeks of May are some of the best for bass fishing in Colorado. To take full advantage of this time of year, I try to work in as much fishing as possible. With my full time gig that pays the bills (cuz no one pays me to write this stuff) and other priorities, the Morning Run fits nicely.

The place of choice this morning is a C&R pond next to a very busy road. Catch and release as well as artificial fly and lure only is imposed but not enforced nearly enough. The fish are in nesting mode and starting to become more aggressive. I find that is one of the few times that this place can provide consistent action with the chance for a big fish.

Fishing pressure is frequent and it looks like a few guys got in here before I did. Most of the larger fish were ultra finicky. Managed to find a few fish that were willing to hit the jig. No love for the senko or the lizard patterns that I typically swear by here.

This fish was setup next to a log and when I threw the jig, the fish nipped at it and when I went to set the hook the jig was buried into the log.

“Sonofa!” I muttered setting the snagged rod down and quickly slinging out the second rod with the grub. WHAM! The fish hit the grub and I was able to land the fish. After the photo and release, the jig was sacrificed. I had covered the entire shoreline in just under an hour.

Tips for the morning fish:

1. Clock punchers will have no choice but to get back into work on time. Some of us are fortunate enough to work in a setting that allows some discretion. Being late sometimes means that you beat the boss into work. Time the morning office rush to the last second for best results.

2. Prepare a good excuse and brace for the reprimand is my plan B approach to the morning fish. 5 minutes doesn’t make a big difference in most work environments but if fishing is good, an hour goes by fast. There are times when I really push my luck as far as morning fishing goes so the “flat tire” excuse and withstanding some badgering from the boss will bridge that gap.

The morning fish isn’t for everyone and takes some extra discipline for the non-early risers. But the morning cast can get you onto the water during the mid-week when fish are less pressured. All it takes for the morning run is an earlier start and one or two less cups of coffee.

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.

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