Thursday, May 7, 2009

Green Gold

Saturday afternoon...cold and drizzly. I snuck out and did an hour walk at a nearby lake. I HAD to see the water. Scouted north side of one pond. Saw some false nests. Walked the other lake and saw the two fatty bass. These must be the two biggest fish in the system. "Maude and Earl" is what I am going to dub these two fish from here on out. I see them early in the season and that is it...never catch them. Get to the north side and there they are. Both of them rolling over each in full spawn mode.

Cast cast cast...nothing. I went home dejected but that was all the time I had. My oldest daughter gets upset when I fish on weekends that we plan to spend time together and some weekends I have burnt altogether. This one was my last chance and it came at the worst possible time. All the way home and all night long my mind wouldn't let me rest. Before turning in I told everyone that I would be up and out early but right back.

"Um...then you are taking all of us with you." The jury was unanimous.

So that is what I did. I took everyone with me to the lake early in foggy morning and they both were still there. The female was so hawgy and I missed her by a nibble. The male took the bait in order to save the female and I landed him. Seriously. the female was an inch from hitting the bait and he hit in order to save her. There is no doubt in my mind nor anyone that witnessed the strike in shallow water.

My oldest did the photo work....not too shabby!

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