Thursday, May 7, 2009

Canon City Weekend-epilogue

Scouting new water is a good way to spice up the fishing trip as well as add or eliminate spots to your regular fishing list. Canon city has been on my list for a few years with BH, the Ark and the Pueblo region containing numbers of fish. After much planning some dates were set and reservations made. One of those blizzards wrecked the first reservation and then we committed to the second regardless of the weather.

Just so happens that the weather report looked good a week prior. Then we watched the weather deteriorate rapidly from 80 degrees to 58 as the high. Low temperatures were just as dismal. The weather is always the nemesis or ally when it comes to fishing trips. There are rarely any conditions that I won’t fish through. What really helps is having a Plan B.

Canon City has two options in the lake fish versus the river so you have some options. The plan was to focus on the lake Saturday. If the weather fell through we would pull off, roll out and head up the canyon to fish for trout on the ark. With pontoon boats in tow it isn’t a fraction as easy as it sounds. But you can multiply your odds of catching fish regardless of what the weather throws at you. If the weather is foul we fish the river. If the weather is fair we can fish the lake.

The next few posts tell the story. In an effort to keep the reader's focus, I broke this one up into several parts. Please note that this post is a week old. No one pays me to post my fishing stuff so readers just have to deal with some tardy posts once in a while. Now...on with the post.

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