Saturday, April 18, 2009

Win some lose some...a lesson from "Old School"

Pretty much everyone has heard the old adage “It’s not called ‘catching’ for a reason.” In fact for every angler fishing is a series of hits and misses or wins and losses. Most of the time you weigh this with reasoning and perspective. Just getting outdoors for a few casts should be considered a “win”…right?
Not so much for this guy. On my way out of a well-traveled fishing spot I see the broken fishing rod in the trashcan. This is a “loss” in everyone’s book except maybe the tackle store. My guess is that this angler got hooked up into a snag, pulled too hard and paid the price. A little ounce of patience would have avoided this. Maybe it wasn’t a snag. One careless step and SNAP! There goes the rod tip. A little more focus would have saved the day here.

The point I may be trying to make is that so much of what you need to learn and know about fishing comes from the tried and true old school methods of common sense. A lot of those painful “losses” and experiences come from simple carelessness. This is something I tell myself every day before walking out the door and guess what…I still make mistakes. But by doing your best to adopt some simple yet key traits like patience and mental focus, you may not change the “win” side of your game but you will drastically limit your losses.

Good Luck and Good Fishing.

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