Friday, April 10, 2009

Trashin' Paradise-Cleanup update 2009

Once upon a time and place I used to fish this little pond that was surprisingly good in numbers. The size was consistently 14 or 15 inches and offered tremendous action for largemouth bass. It was the one public place out of 100 that literally had so many fish that every cast had potential. It was the one place that I thought might actually have “too many” fish. The property had recently changed hands from a local farmer to the City of “Wexminzter”. There is a full bio and story about how the events happened but needless to say it was a dream come true for a water hound like myself. The fishing was great…for about two years (crica 2003-2005). Now the lake has seen some of the ill effects of drought and public use. Today I dare say there may not be a single quality fish left in there.

I still do an annual cleanup as I do with so many other spots at this time of year. Once the snow starts melting off there is very little left in the way of vegetation and bugs. You can really get in there and do a good scrub. Cans, bottles and anything else you need to get out of your favorite fishing holes is a lot easier to get out now as opposed to June when mosquitoes and foliage are in high gear. The cleanup on this trip was a series of small piles rather than the many 33-gallon hefty bag trips.

But that’s how you have to look at it. “One spot at a time”.

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