Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Every once in a while I find someone who makes my fishing and outdoors addiction seem less “all-consuming”. Check this guy out. He’s got the van loaded with gear and a boat all right there ready to go. This guy is good to go anywhere, anytime. Nothing flashy or expensive…just the exact tools for the job. One look at this vehicle and you know this guy means business!

(My guess is this guy is a duck hunter but even as an angler...I take notice and salute.)

Let’s do a run down of just the stuff you see in this picture…

1. Van (duh you need to get there)
2. Boat with tie downs
3. Gas can for extra fuel (probably has loaded water jugs out the wazoo inside)
4. Tire jack
5. Towing ball/hitch
6. Long distance CB radio antennae
7. And lastly Christopher Walker/SNL fans will take heed of the cowbell.

Now that is just the stuff you see on the outside. Can you imagine the stuff inside and on the other side of the vehicle? I am thinking he has fishing gear, hunting gear, spare tires, spare tie-downs, full kitchen with bone removal kit, propane heaters, signal flares, ninja deflectors, hand generator, sleeping bag and a pillow filled with sixteen penny nails.

Some people may point and laugh. His own children may be afraid to be seen on the street with Dad and his “Green Machine”. The neighbors might think he is crazy and even police could do a double take when he drives by. But Sportspeople know. They know that this guy is right on track, leading the pack and showing outdoor enthusiasts like me just how far we really are from the pinnacle of our own personal best.

In a day and age where heroes tend to let us down, you can still search and find humans with decent souls and people that attack life. Wherever this guy is going…adventure awaits. Now if you will excuse me…I have to go paint my truck and pontooner camo-green.

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.

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