Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Voluntary Fishing Closure for Bear Creek in Jefferson County

DENVER -- Colorado Parks and Wildlife is asking for cooperation from anglers in a voluntary fishing closure on Bear Creek upstream of Bear Creek Reservoir.

Due to critically low flows and high water temperature, anglers are strongly encouraged to seek fishing opportunities elsewhere in the Denver Metro Area or in the South Platte Basin.  By removing the additional stress associated with angling, it is hoped the trout fishery can be sustained through the current adverse conditions.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife will continue to monitor river flow, temperature and dissolved oxygen levels and will lift the voluntary restriction when conditions improve.

An official closure is not currently planned for Bear Creek but is still a consideration. Wildlife managers hope to avoid an official closure by asking for voluntary cooperation from local anglers.

"Most anglers understand that handling stressed fish can result in unnecessary mortalities," said Reid DeWalt, Area Wildlife Manager in Jefferson County. "Now would be an opportune time to try fishing waters less impacted by the drought so that we can protect Bear Creek's fishery for the future."

Anglers are encouraged to visit other area creeks and streams in Jefferson County. For more information about fishing in places not affected by low flows, please visit:

To learn more about Colorado's state parks, please see: http://www.parks.state.co.us/

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Howard Levett said...

This is truly a double-edged sword. I love Bear Creek, but I'm happy that common sense has prevailed.