Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fashion Angler Update: What the COOL kids are wearing this summer

Summer fishing can be as good as it gets. School is out and you can fish most of the day in nothing but a pair of shorts. Spending time in these sunshine filled days also comes at a price over time. When conditions get intense, Don likes to do a full cover up on features that get long-term sun exposure.
The mask and gloves get a lot of use from Don in bright conditions. Heavy SPF sunscreen is just going to wear off after a few hours of fishing. To help ventilate and keep from overheating, Don may also deploy “hybrid pants” that have breakaway leg sections.

The sun is pretty awesome and this planet wouldn’t be much more than a cold rock in space without it. The reality is that we have to endure a certain amount of radiation as a result of living next to such a hot neighbor. I asked the graphics team to come up with something that would add visual impact but it looks like they may have had one of their kids submit something instead.
Oh brother, I can hear my follow list shrinking right at this moment. Maybe I can salvage this article by posting some affordable product links below from Basspro’s Technical Clothing section.

Mangrove Sun Mask: $17.95

Glacier Glove Sun Hood: $21.99

Worldwide Sportsman Hybrid Angler Pants: 29.99-34.99

In closing I want to suggest that the sun is our best friend that we have to keep a close eye on. For good measure, please review my “Sun Factor” article posted way back in the day on my website that I rarely maintain since finding blogger.

Good luck and good fishing


TexWisGirl said...

i like your illustration! :)

Coloradocasters said...

Thank you, TexWisGirl. I put up with a lot from my imaginary graphics team but this is going too far. Heads will roll for this as soon as I figured out which slacker is responsible.