Friday, July 6, 2012

Need filler? Do a beer review “Cutthroat Porter”

Actually starting to catch some fish worth posting up. This usually means that I have to mix the blogilicious up with some filler posts. People actually start to yawn in the background over my never ending ho-hum fish posts and even my shameless bragging starts to collect dust in the blogger stats bin. Filler posts kinda mix things up and occasionally add a five or six point bump in my view count that at times I swear is going backwards.

To make these beer review filler posts tie into fishing I often subject myself to beer with some type of fishing theme. This time I am going with Cutthroat Porter from Odell Brewing Company. These folks are located in Fort Collins and make a few flavors that I am familiar with. This one however had slipped my attention.

Cutthroat Porter is a dark malted brew that proclaims to be not quite a stout but no lightweight either. True to their word I found the first few drinks not as brutal to my palette as some of the heavier stouts or darker beers. It also packs a decent punch at 5.0% alcohol by volume with a unique flavor. I did not taste the coffee or chocolate that the label hints at but did have to fight a slight aftertaste, which I assume is coming from the roasted malt. The price for six was $9.99. This may seem steep compared to some import and domestic brews but the norm for premium brews. 

Not having sampled any of the original Porter’s from London (or a lot of dark beers for that matter) my assessment is a bit novice. I have had Guinness along with a few others and view Cutthroat Porter as comparable in the field. Cutthroat Porter may also make a great intro to the dark side of beers for folks that have never dabbled in the darker stout brews.

Palette disclaimer: Realize that my beer palette is classified as “Yank or Yankee”. This means that I prefer lighter beers with less body and a more watered down flavor. I blame this on folks back in the olden days that watered down barrels of product as it made the trip east to west. However, as an adventurer and Olympic style beer drinker at times (ok, I made that last part up. Sort of) I work to broaden my horizons.

My name is Matt and I had to milk a beer filler post.


Gary Thompson said...

I like it, but really prefer the old label.

Howard Levett said...

I'm a malted milk fan. Speaking of which, did you know that during prohibition that Coors switched to making malted Milk? Seriously.