Monday, July 2, 2012

Another late Bass Post

Air temp: Low-54, High 88 degrees
Water temp: 72 degrees
Water Clarity: clear-mild algae stain
Wind: Calm for the first few hours and then land hurricane by noon

It was the first week in June and the conditions were heating up. Post spawn had worn off of most Front Range ponds by the end of May with bluegill coming in by the hundreds. Big bass hovered on the inline looking to put on a feedbag. With rushing charges into the shallows a small bluegill or sunfish would get picked off. Casting into the shallows with just about anything would result in a good clobber from some bully bass. I might even give the frog pattern a toss or two.

Edges of cattails or moss lines may hold quality fish if there is surrounding water with adequate depth. The cattails will provide oxygen along with cover and the moss provides food for the lower end of the food chain. These areas combined with the emerging weed structure can produce a large part of the largemouth bass’ menu and you can consider them “money” through most of the summer unless they get pressured.

Rod: 7’ Medium Power Fast Action, Pflueger Trion GX reel, 6lb Hi-Seas Grand Slam mono. There were three other rods on the boat as well but that is the rundown of the one I used most. This is just was I use but not the best source for gear advice.

Deeper water also produced fish. In fact the larger fish seemed to be hanging off the deepest structure that I could find such as sunken rocks and at the end of points or contours. To limit my search I would look for the structure and focus on areas where schools of baitfish were visible. Cast something with the same color pattern and hold on

Lures used: Senko 6” black w/blue flake fished weightless on 2/0 Owner hook, 3/8oz Booyah Counter Strike chrome\shad.

Fish spend a bit more time cruising and chasing lures in early summer. Largemouth bass are more aggressive as well and will launch out of ambush spots in June. The real trick for me is a quiet toss for the shallow fish with lightweight plastics and locating the deep fish with search baits.

My name is Matt and sometimes I fall behind in regards to the posting material.


TexWisGirl said...

your last line made me laugh.

Ricky Anderson said...

Those are some great looking fish! and great advise on locating fish.

Mason M. said...

where is this i need some good bassin lakes to fish please respond

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