Sunday, July 15, 2012

Checking out the seine

Doing a quick walk and cast on the creek and see someone running a seining net. This is a step taken by anglers and biologists alike to see smaller organisms in an aquatic environment. With my head in fish-brain mode the sight made my stomach grumble (maybe I could have had a bigger breakfast). Regardless my feet moved out of the water and down the path to check out the netted goodies.

Grubs were large and plentiful along with a small buffet of emerging larvae. Some of bugs were actually transforming in front of me. Rarely do I get to see the emerging process taking place. Most people think of these things as just bugs. But for the serious trout angler a seine will tell you a lot about what is on the menu. Seeing a heavy volume of these organisms means the creek is bouncing back from some of the problems from last year.

Huge kudos to Jay over at crtroutschool for letting me mob over the top of him that morning. Jay spends a bit of time on the creek and genuinely concerned with preservation as much as fishing. He covers quite a few places on his website which I highly encourage a visit. Link below.   

In closing I might want to throw out a small disclaimer stating that this material was compiled in June and then put on the backburner for no good reason. Flows and water volume are up and down on the creek depending on the day. For more info on flows on the creek and others I will post the following link below as well as add it to the sidebar section.

Good luck and good fishing.

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