Monday, May 17, 2010

Two year old Elli lands MN Muskie with a Barbie Pole

ST. FRANCIS, Minn. - A muskie, a two-year-old girl and a Barbie fishing pole combined for the greatest fishing story of the 2010 Minnesota walleye opener.

2-year-old Ella was fishing with her grandparents at Round Lake near Randall, Minnesota on Saturday when she reeled in the big one. Ella, who comes from a long line of anglers, had never caught a fish until Saturday.
She caught her first fish at Round Lake with the Barbie fishing pole.
Grandpa grabbed a net and soon they landed a 30-inch muskie weighing in at a little under 20 lbs -- a fish bigger than the fisherman who caught it. The Barbie fishing pole survived it all and little Ella was so excited, she said the first thing that came to her mind -- "I caught a shark."

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Jonathan said...

This is why you can't trust the news. This fish weighed at max 8 pounds just from looking at the picture. If you look into it further a 30 inch muskie can't weigh over 10 pounds. I have even read that the father admitted that it was not quite pounder" but that it was actually 34 inches, and weighed in the teens. So they lied the weight but also the length. I know this may be a little silly to argue about but isn't it a reporters job to get the truth and not to sensationalize a story that anyone can see is a blatant lie. And whats up with the picture of the fish in a boat/pontoon. I thought she caught it from shore?

Coloradocasters said...

Thanks for the follow up info on this story. I was hoping someone would point to the Pink Barbie Fishing Pole Conspiracy. I can't believe how many #$%^&^ monster fish are caught with these things.