Monday, May 10, 2010

Focus on this weekend-Friday could be prime

Looks like another storm rolling through Wednesday that will bring moisture, cold and possibly snow. We are looking at a foot of snow total in the mountains with a good “dusting” in the foothills. At first glance this forecast might seem a bit disheartening. But take a look past Wednesday and factor in the moon phase. The 70-degree high temps could bounce things right back from the snowstorm with hungry fish. The new moon will appear on Friday and it is my opinion that this could make the fishing action explosive.

There are few times where I take all of my chips and place them on one weekend like this. Anytime a blogger sticks their neck and out and tries to predict fishing results it usually comes back to bite them in the a##.

This is the year we just might fill up water basins and get ahead of the water needs in this state for a change. It helps reverse a trend of serious water shortages in Colorado and literally saves some reservoirs from being drained to meet the ever increasing water demands of Colorado. In one breath I may curse this extended blizzard season this year but express deep thanks to nature with the next breath after.

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