Monday, May 10, 2010

Chubby bucket “Clyde”

(Above: Chubby bucketmouth bass that looks a bit like a fish caught earlier this year. I think I shall name this fish “Clyde”.)

There are a number of lakes along the Front Range that I frequent a few times a year. It is possible that I catch the same fish now and again. I may have caught this fish around Easter weekend. The upper portion of the jaw is thick and the fatness of the head seems fairly distinguishable. I think that I shall name this fish “Clyde” and hope that it sees just as many releases as it does catches. (The larger bass typically tend to be the females so the proper naming may actually need to be “Claudette”)

Link to post with picture from earlier this season. What do you think? Is this the same fish?

I caught a handful of other bass that day but didn’t recognize any of those fish. Can’t say that I was really trying too either. What is important to stress is practicing Catch and Release to help save the quality of sport fishing. It is very tempting for some people to keep a chubby fish like ol Clyde here. But to kill this fish is the same as killing the sport for everyone else. Catching this fish for the second time is like shaking hands with an old friend.

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic!


Bigerrfish said...

K so now you are making friends with the fish you have caught before?.... I wonder if you know them well enough to land one on a fly rod.... thats your assignment Matt... when the topwater action heats up,... see if you can hang on to one of your bucket pals with a rod that bends.. or throw the same ol,,, and get another same ol pic... dare ya!!

Coloradocasters said...

Fish have made better friends than a lot of people I have met. A 5lb bass has never cut me off in traffic. If it were going real fast, I would probably cast a ½ or ¾ oz spoon in firetiger pattern.

Landing big bass on the long rod is not easy. However I will gladly accept this challenge as you use both with proficiency. Now is this merely a one-sided task or is there some type of reward or incentive involved?

How about I land 3 species of fish with the long rod by say, July 4th? Of course there would have to be some legitimate standards involved; 15” keeper size for bass, 6” for panfish and 12” for trout. At least one bass must be in the mix or its all for naught.

Hopefully I can get Don or someone else to tag along for extra photo and video work. I can’t promise full video of the entire escapade but do promise there will be no shenanigans on my part. The fish gods would surely smote an angler for trying to pull a farce on such a challenge and my 3 or 4 regular readers know I have all the bad luck I can handle right now.

If I complete…you will test your skills as a writer and complete a 500-word excerpt on nymph fishing to be published on my blog. No fancy dry fly stuff either. I want your ugliest bad weather flies that hang in the box until January.

If I do not complete…I have to fish the entire month of August exclusively with a fly rod. What say you? You should start writing now…I am already dusting off the fly rod. =)

Bigerrfish said...

Wow!! I like your attitude. A fishy one at that...

I love the challange you propose here this is a wonderfull Idea.

You have to catch three species of the size you said on the fly, by july 4th or I have to write a big ol blog about nymphing and post it on your blog???.. you have yourself a d-d-d-d-dea,,,

Wait, wait, wait, these are all your rules.... how about... If I catch the same three species, in the same size bracket, in the same time frame, on the fly,, but I up it to three of each species.. pictures of flys in mouths... first one done,, has to write a short blog about how great worms and salmon eggs work... whatcha say Matt you in??

Coloradocasters said...

Really, I just wanted you to write a hard-core nymphing article for my blog. The challenge was not all that difficult for me to pull off with one bass and a few panfish. Your modified challenge of three fish of each species is much better and eliminates the possibility of a few “lucky catches”.

The Mano a Mano element and the “How Fab’ is ‘Bait-N-Wait’? “ article would be a tough sell for me. I don’t think I posses enough sarcasm to do the article enough justice. The challenge is not so much a test of fly skill versus you and I as much as it is…can I fish for more than a few hours with a fly rod before busting it to splinters and using it for toothpicks on the way home. If I fly fished more I would purchase bamboo rods as they make better toothpicks. =)

As we roll into summer, the fly rod for the warmwater scene can be better than the spin gear at times. If I would simply embrace the fly rod more it may add that extra level when I need it most. That is what makes this challenge such a worthy undertaking.

Shoot me an e-mail and we can take this discussion offline to fully barter terms, negotiations and my possible fly fishing defeat. I respect you highly as a fly angler and a blogger and welcome any conversation. Man…Nice Cutts by the way on your recent post. Those fish are splendid!

Bigerrfish said...

sounds good.. I cant find your email though.

Coloradocasters said...

we should touch base before rolling further with this.