Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer highlight video

With the last couple of trips I have accumulated enough footage to put a decent montage together. There would be a lot more photograph and video footage of my trips if it didn’t take so much time away from the fishing. This clip contains some of the highlights from the first half of 2009. Enjoy.

Some of the clips lose more resolution than others. This is a problem caused by converting to AVI format and then combining with higher quality resolution MPG files. The sound fluctuates a bit from clip to clip as well and I am just too lazy to balance out the audio.

The spoof sponsors are something I try to keep going and some are funnier than others. But it does add an element beyond the sponsor dribble you get everywhere else. Just trying to make it fun. The Shmackity Shmackity Wa Wa sponsor was a bit of recycled material from the blog. There will be more to follow.

Both the MAD Show and Still Fishing are still in progress even though we have stepped back from our desired release of 6 video montages a year. Without additional support these are going to trickle out as we see fit.

Do you like things so far? Is there more material you would like to see here? Is this thing even on? Bueller?…Bueller? Sometimes I think I am just talking to the echo here. Shoot me an e-mail @
Hope folks are enjoying the blog posts so far. Good luck and good fishing.

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