Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Magnificent Trout

What an amazing rainbow trout. This is definitely one of my bigger rainbows, as the brown trout that I catch are more adaptable. Meaning that brown trout survive longer in most of the areas that I fish compared to the less hearty and more susceptible rainbow trout. The more I learn about trout…the more I have to face the fact that every single nick, scrape and touch hurts these fish immensely.

This fish has seen some rough times and I felt bad for even attempting this shot. Fortunately the barbless hook came out nice and easy. The fish didn’t want any nursing or coaxing back to health either. I lifted the fish up, grabbed the shot and SWOOOSH! It tore off into the water as soon as its belly dipped in.

“Good luck, fish!” I shouted my little prayer of sorts. “You are a @#%^& beast trout!”

(Above: My guess is this is a 24” trout. The top fin was worn off by something. The red hue you see on the bottom of the fish is reflection from my red pontoon boat. This takes away from the actual color pattern.)

The best part is that I was getting my biggest trout on big plastic swim baits. It seemed that the bigger the bait was the bigger the trout would be. It got to the point where I gave up everything else and went with big fluke on one rod and big stickbait on the other.

Selfishly I was throwing buzzabaits on the flat water and spinnerbaits when I saw chop. Now by “selfish” I mean that I was throwing these lures merely because of the fluttering action of the lure and the rapid fire action. Cast, retrieve. Cast, retrieve…”fire and crank”! The hits were much less. It was crazy watching the trout follow the big flashy blade though. Now trout on the spinner bait photo…I have damn near caught trout on everything else in my bass bag though.

The flukes are the Zoom 5” Super Fluke on a 3/0 wide gap hook simply because that is what I normally rig them with. Even with the larger hook…the big trout will hammer it. Silver color patterns seemed to work best. The key is to find an area that has a decent number of big trout and hit the place when you can see them rolling the surface.

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.

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