Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blog tweaks and updates…is this thing on?

Just to absolutely convince myself that no one is even reading my “fishing dribble” I have added the “reactions” feature to the bloginess. This means folks don’t have to create a gmail account to chime in. Just click one of three reaction buttons. How easy is that?

What the ratings mean…

Awesome: The fish pictures, writing material and even custom artwork can be stacked up against anything else in Colorado as far as I am concerned. If you feel the same way about any particular post…give it an "awesome" rating.

Cool: Everything I post may not be “earth shattering-you should pay me to fish” type stuff. But I will always try to make them worthwhile to the reader. Blogs that are entertaining, informative and allow a venue for me to shamelessly brag about my fishing exploits…well that is "cool" at the very least.

Yawn: A lot of blog and forum posters will put what I call “Filler” in the litany of posts to increase the comment or post count. They will grab any old thing and slap it in there just to look active. If for any reason I post something that was a complete waste of time for the reader…by all means…hammer the bone!

Slideshows, videos, advanced formats and more bells and whistles will follow.

The website is not going away. It is just getting far less attention due to the blog’s overall simplicity. My role at work is expanding and I must compensate by taking on a lot more stuff. This is and will have impact on my fishing/posting schedule. Spending a lot of time producing website material is not possible right now. And with zero funding, no sponsors and even less time…this is a passion, an obsession and still just a hobby.

Even fishaholics gotta pay bills. Fishing bums make ends meet by guiding part time, working shops part time and living on a shoestring. No one pays me to fish. That is a damn shame. But at least the rating system will make it easier to get some kind of feedback on this blog.

Testing, testing…is this thing on?

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