Saturday, July 11, 2009

Salvaged the memory card! (or at least some of it)

Remember that trip a while back where the heat or something caused my memory card to “dump” on me? I had captured some great footage both video and photo of various fish and what not. Well I came across a program called ZAR 8.4 and was able to recover some of the lost data. Not all of it but some of it.

The bluegill footage was exceptional for one particular fish. It was a beefy panfish and even though I caught a decent backup for the post I was a completely sick over losing the photos. I was damn near jubilant when I saw these pictures saved. Check out this amazing bluegill.

The bass pictures and a number of video clips were lost as well. Only the top portion could be seen in thumbnail mode and most wouldn’t open. The bluegill was what I really wanted and hats off to ZAR 8.4.

One video clip recovered was saved as well. This was an instance where I see a couple with a small baby literally “sicking” their dog on the spawning bluegill. As a true outdoor sportsman there is a responsibility to protect wildlife from menacing. (The original edit was 50MB so I had to break it up into parts with links as opposed to uploading directly.)

(This is where the guy admits he doesn’t even know what kind of fish they are and tries to plead apathetic ignorance. Beyond ridiculous.)

(Here is where the guy starts questioning me and I point out the multiple laws being broke. After several minutes of my badgering, they finally pulled their dog out of the water and moved on. They mumbled a few derogatory comments but who cares. They left and that was my goal. Changing mentality is much harder.)

Activity like this seems to get worse every year. Refuse to tolerate this behavior. You can also confront without being a raging jerk. Notice how I turn the conversation into a Cliff Clavin biology sermon as opposed to name-calling and fist throwing. If they were simply cooling off their dog (which is still a violation) I would have just kept fishing. “No big deal.” But teaching your dog to attack spawning fish is a huge no-no in my book. Not the first time I have seen this done by the way. What’s wrong with these people?

While I am in post mode, here is a picture that I took after working some late hours. Even working 50 or 60 hours a week, a person needs to soak in some sunsets. There is so much beauty in Colorado that is raw and natural. Every time I feel myself taking this aspect for granted…the world slaps me in the face with a setting as awesome as this.

It kind of puts things in perspective for me. Even with this crazy world and trying to keep up with it…take some time to gaze at sunflowers and sunsets.

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.

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