Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Photos from the field-June 2013

Through my adventures photos are taken that never seem to make it into specific fish posts. So much of my fishing goes unseen or heard. Even though these pictures may not be ready for prime time fishing posts, I have found a way to fit them in an excerpt called “Photos from the field.”

Normally I have a few clever and not so clever captions to go along with the pictures. This time the photos will be posted without my captions and will let the viewers make up their own.

As we roll through the last lush spoonfuls of late spring I want to wish everyone a safe and joyous summer.

Good luck and good blogging.



Anonymous said...

Always fun to take a look, thanks Matt!

The NOCO Nympher said...

Thanks for sharing the photos and back at ya for a safe summer and tight lines!

Howard said...

Hey Matt, those are some cool photos. Some unexpected surprises in this bunch. Fun stuff!

Jeffrey Eugenio said...

I love the last photo. It makes me remember our great experience when we went for some Gamefishing Vanuatu last year. We'd love to do it again actually.