Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fire Season already starting in Colorado

It doesn’t take much heat and dryness to create a dangerous situation in Colorado. Every year it seems to get worse. This year fire season didn’t wait long and we have several large fires to deal with. The Black Forest Fire took folks by surprise and was a bit of a flashback to the recent Waldo Fire. In both instances homes and lives were lost.

As we roll into the dry and hot season I want to urge caution and respect for the dangers that are present this time of year. I also want to express sincere prayers and wishes to all that are being affected by the Back Forest Fire and future fires that will undoubtedly occur.
(photo credit Mattsabasser-Cloradocastersblog)
(photo credit Mattsabasser-Cloradocastersblog)

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Useful link for those need help or want to help folks impacted by the Black Forest Fire:

Link to timeline of events of Black Forest Fire:

There is also a map of the homes that were lost and a lot more on the story:

Good luck and good fishing.

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