Sunday, June 2, 2013

First casualties of 2013 drought: Henry Lake's fish

In the latest sign of Colorado's drought, Colorado Parks and Wildlife on Wednesday authorized a public fish salvage for Henry Lake, located northeast of Ordway in Crowley County.

Kevin Lusk, a water resource engineer with Colorado Springs Utilities and president of the Lake Henry Reservoir Co., a group that provides storage and distributes irrigation water for shareholders, pointed to the drought conditions as well for Henry Lake's draining.

Lusk said that at the last meeting in the second week of May that Henry Lake shareholders agreed to drain the water down to Meredith Reservoir, directly south of Henry Lake, "rather than sit on it and watch it evaporate away."

"Lake Henry is really pretty shallow and flat," Lusk said. "When the lake level gets low, the water evaporates really fast."

The fish salvage begins June 1 and lasts until the lake, which has been partially drained, has completely dried or until conditions become unfit for public access.


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Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

That is a shame. I came across a lake some time ago that used to be an awesome Brook Trout lake. It was dry. A shame there too.