Thursday, June 20, 2013

Always be ready for that one bite…and weather

Early summer conditions in Colorado usually mean water in the 65-70 degree range mixed with high winds. Wind has been blowing for several days at speeds that range from 5 to 60mph. These are the times when you pick the hot spot and gamble on the weather.

“Once the gate opens, all hell could break loose today.”

On this trip I had four rods;  two 7 foot, med-fast action with finesse or fast moving baits and two 6’6” heavy action rods for some jigging action. Jigs were digging up moss so I leaned heavily on the finesse baits. Fan casting in all directions I finally get a heavy thump on the line.

The fish battles ferociously and leaps out of the water twice trying to spit the hook with a frantic headshake.  Each time I hold my breath fighting to keep the line from going slack and losing the fish. I had to adjust the drag back and forth a few times before finally getting the fish to the hand. Took the picture and let it go.

I throw a lot fancier stuff for fish here but a 5” senko, black\blue flake is what got ‘em on what pretty much ended up on a one bite-one fish run for me. Fished for another hour without so much as a nibble. By then all hell did indeed break loose and winds started gusting heavily in the 40-50mph range. A land hurricane took over the entire situation and most of the boats headed for shore. Docking the boat was a challenge and a few folks had to be towed in by stronger craft.

Right about now I wish that I would have taken a picture of the boat ramp with waves and whitewater. That would have really rounded this post out perfectly. Dang Nabbit.

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.

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Anonymous said...

Really nice Bass, Matt! Fishing can be tough, but, someone has to brave the weather and fish until something pulls on their string.