Monday, April 1, 2013

Stage 2 Water Ban-In Effect…yes, already.

As much as I wish that this ban was going into effect to improve fishing conditions, it is being done to ration a dangerously low water supply. Colorado water conditions have become dire and Stage 2 Water Restrictions are in place even earlier than anticipated. This means that homeowners (excluding private wells) can only water their lawns two days a week per the schedule. There are a few exceptions such as new trees and freshly laid sod. For the exact restrictions and more information please review the link below.
As we roll into the hot summer months conditions may actually escalate into a Stage 3 Water Ban. Stage 3 will ban any outdoor watering altogether. At some point Denver Water may actually dust of my submitted recommendations  for Stage 4 water ban where households will be allowed to flush one toilet twice a day or two toilets once a day. Coffee and drinking water will be relegated to the bottle water purchased at your local grocer.
I know that my blog often sounds like some after school special about water conservation but please understand that the battle for water in Colorado becomes more serious every year. Population increases mixed with less precipitation move the discussion well outside global warming arguments and green house gas debates. The fact is Denver and other growing communities are using more water and Colorado is receiving less precipitation year after year. Colorado residents may not fully grasp how bad the situation is right now. It may take a few bad instances to illustrate the reality.
Below is a link to another article from the Coloradoan that highlights how an entire region could lose their water supply in lieu of pending fire conditions.
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