Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cast to the warm

Early spring weather can vary greatly in Colorado. One day you have snow and then a warm spurt of 60-70 degrees could follow. These fluctuations in temperature create windows of opportunity for early season big fish catches. Not being able to control the day these warm spells hit I had to pull the trigger on one of my PTO days.
Launch the tooner and action is nil as the morning mist lazily rolls off the water. I start throwing a black buzzbait looking for that delicious topwater action. No bites come along so I start working through the gear options hoping to stumble across a hot pattern. Switch to the spinnerbait and after a few casts come up with a solid bite.  

The bite came practically off the bottom. This was a significant clue and a large piece of the puzzle. I started running gear as deep as possible with just enough speed to keep the lures out of trouble. The weed matte is recessed and still sporting its winter look. But even in recessed mode, algea and plant growth cover the lure if it drops down too low. A few more casts and I land the fish posted at the top.

The lure is a 3/8oz Booyah spinnerbait with chartruse\white and some black speckles. The rod is a 7-foot medium\fast action on 6lb Hi-seas mono. The reel is a Pfluegar President that I can’t say enough about.
Air temperature would vary by the minute and the fluctuations were extreme considering there was barely a breeze on the water. One minute you basking in 55-60 degrees in the morning and then a blast of cold air would surround you like death’s icey grip trying to slither up in attempt to steal your soul.
“Bluegill…” I mutter dropping the spinnerbait rod and grabbing the pole with a light jig.

My panfish addiction will often put my bass game on the backburner when I see a large school of gills, sunnies, crappie or even perch. I went so far as to see a psychotherapist about it. After a few fish stories the doc was gearing up and trying to work himself into next weekend’s fishing run.

 By noon the sun had melted away the cloud cover and haze. Air temps were flirting near 70-degrees and for some reason the spinnerbait action faded. I struggled for a while sorting through the pastics and a few search casts with the heavy spoons. Eventually I fell back on my jig combos and managed to land a sturdy bucketmouth to close out the day.

Post disclaimer: This trip and photos were taken at the beginning of April before the recent snows. Then the warm spurt hit and it fit the delayed material close enough for to me milk on the blogilicious. 29 degrees one day and 70 degrees the next. Maybe next week I will do a expose on how to cast heavy gear and haul it on a dog sled.
My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic. 

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