Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Welcome to Fire Season in Colorado

Just when you think Colorado is out of the drought spell, we find ourselves in another dry summer situation with serious fire danger looming. Hot temperatures, low moisture and high winds all spell worst-case scenario for Colorado this time of year. It doesn’t take long for the lush green of spring to turn dry and brown…perfect tinder just waiting for a spark.

Conditions vary greatly from one area to the next and these conditions can change quickly. Before you venture out into the wilderness of this majestic state, it may help to check in on fire conditions where you wish to travel. The area you are going may have a different set of restrictions than where you are coming from as they establish these rules per county. Colorado Division of Emergency Management is a good source for this and the link is provided below.

 Not all counties have updates on the site so some additional phone calls may be needed. However the major recreational counties that I travel are here and this is a first stop for my summer planning. Jefferson County has been placed under Stage 2 restrictions.  Stage 2 pretty much means you can’t even say “fire” without a shovel in your hand or some sort of C02 backup nearby. Elbert County has a Stage 2 ban in place. “Ban” is more severe than “restrictions” so this escalates things to possible corporal punishment if caught launching illegal fireworks or tossing that lit cigarette butt out the window. Of course my rendition of the rules may be a bit outdated so I suggest reading through the information yourself when you get time.

 Hopefully this information helps folks know the what, when and why in regards to fire danger per Colorado County.

Link to Denver Post High Park Fire update: (Some amazing photos worth checking out)

Good luck and good fishing

Photo credit: Mattsabasser, picture taken from the Haymen fire two years after the fact.


Shoreman said...

Make preparations early just in case you have to jet in a hurry.


TexWisGirl said...

it is truly scary to watch on the news...

Howard Levett said...

I'm very afraid of what's about to happen at High Park. Wish I had an answer and access to a lot of water.

Coloradocasters said...

Dry lightning and beetle-kill pine. It was only a matter of time. Move the people and let it burn. These days I am bracing for impact. A long period of drought would be easier to deal with if it were not followed by one good year and then another period of severe drought. My worst fear is that this is the new norm and Colorado cannot compensate. Sucking on dry coffee grounds, showering with wet-wipes and no fish. Reverse the trend or face much worse. It is coming. We are just too afraid to admit it.

Anonymous said...

Things are looking pretty tough for those of us who love the outdoors, wildlife, fishing etc. I am doing a rain dance, but so far, to no avail.