Monday, June 25, 2012

Checking in on J and the Fam

At work I am known as that guy that fishes a lot. At times I will subject them to fishing stories and they humor me by putting up with my outlandish sagas of shameless bragging. Jose has been the lead PM on a few projects that I have been involved with. This means that he has had to put up with a lot of my crap. Every once in a while he has told me a fish story with his family as the main stars. After some pleading he sent me a few pics and helped fill in the blanks.

The season more or less started with J’s wife landing a chunky common carp. This fish fought like a bear or at least a fish ten times the actual size. By the time they had landed the beast it was as if they had conquered the world…at least to the kids. J was muttering something about beginner’s luck. This started what would be known as the Carp Hunt of 2012.

The very next trip J’s wife does it again but this time with an even bigger fish. J grabs the camera on his phone and takes a quick shot for bragging rights. She smiles and holds the fish like a pro. I’m thinking 1 or 2 of my fashion blog followers are going to try and found out where she got those killer shades.

By now J is getting a bit of ribbing from the missus and even the kids who are casting like crazy trying to get in on the action. Just when he thinks all hope is lost and everyone starts talking about packing it all up, J gets a thump on his fishing pole. A set of the hook and the battle is on. The fish puts up a strong fight and everyone is sure that Dad is going to pull in the largest carp of the summer thus far. Cranking on the reel handle for a few more moments the fish is pulled into the shallows. Dad lands not a carp but rather an angry catfish.
The kids are immediately amazed at the sight of the whiskers. Dad explains that this is a catfish and those whiskers help it find things to eat. Wow’s, oooh’s and more questions led J to put it on a stringer to do a little shoreline hands on without the fish flopping all over the place.

“Oh wait…” J said just before taking it off the stringer and letting it go, “I need a picture.” Bless J’s heart that he remembered the ol stiff-arm trick and mean grimace. J, you are the best!

Now having seen Dad pull out a fish the kids felt a boost of renewed enthusiasm. “If dad can catch a fish…” Next thing you know the kids are in beachcombing-cast mode. Packing up and moving out was nixed. Now the plan was fish til dark.

Special thanks to J and the Fam for allowing me to share this with my very small handful of regular viewers. All of these pictures are under strict rules, restrictions, copyright laws and subject to severe penalty from the FCC, KFC, the BBC, NAACP, maybe even the KGB as well as J who might happen be an avid hunter with a few firearms.

Good luck and good fishing.


Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

LOVE it!!!

The Reverend Fowl ™ said...

Above average fishing.
Our girls have boots too.