Monday, June 18, 2012

5280-Go Play Outside!

The good folks at 5280 sent me an e-mail requesting that ColoradoCasters post their Go Play Outside article. The first thing that crossed my mind was, “how did these people find little ol me?” 5280 is a magazine and online publication that highlights things to do and other information about Denver and Colorado in general. I have gotten a lot of great ideas from these folks as well as gained a better insight into food, entertainment and even history. Honestly this is one of the few mags that I grab at the checkout counter of my local grocer.

5280 has a summer guide that covers a number of outdoor options in Colorado that are close to the metro area. As a little payback for those few editions that I browsed but didn’t pay for, ColoradoCasters directs you to 5280 and their Go Play Outside Summer Guide with a brief intro and link below. I will also add an image link to the 5280 homepage on the blogilicious sidebar.

Get outta the house, go get a little dirty…but don’t go too far, OK? That’s what your mom always said, right? School was out, the weather was hot, and the whole day stretched out in front of you. It was good summertime advice—so we used it as a guide for creating this year’s rundown of 21 amazing, warm-weather adventures. We give you a taste of the hiking, camping, paddling, fishing, climbing, mountain biking, and road cycling within two hours of Denver. Plus, we’ve found the best spots to eat, drink, refuel, and stock up for your journey, whether you’re running the rapids, hitting the trail, or throwing out a line.

ColoradoCasters would like to extend a warm thank you to 5280 for putting together so much information about Denver and Colorado into the 5280 format. The fact they were kind enough to reach out and acknowledge my existence. Funny how a simple marketing e-mail can bring a smile to my face.

Good luck and good fishing.

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Howard Levett said...

Congrats on the article. They couldn't have picked a better representative of Colorado's outdoors!